I would like to describe my vision of this site. I believe that we need to have someone in our corner. For some people they want some tools to forge ahead to change their life for the positive. I would like my blog to be a stepping stone for those who can relate to my style and would like some information on how to make changes towards wellness. For those people who require additional support, my blog can assist you in assessing if I am the right person to chose to be your therapist.

I believe in the power of the narrative. How we chose to tell our stories impact how we experience our stories. We are the authors to our journey, sometimes life experiences suggest otherwise but remembering this little tidbit can help engage in a mental reset.

When I was first trying to figure out the name of my organization I came up with “survive, revive, and thrive”. This essentially is the journey that I have seen hundreds of people make, however to keep it simple I have focused on the last attribute and named my company “thrive with brent”.

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